Automatic Promotions
The product helps to automate work with promotions. It will fit stores that have many products to promote and spend lots of time and effort on setting them up.
Promo banners automatically turn on and off
Labels automatically highlight products
Users get automatic recommendations
Automatic promotions
with free shipping
Various promo
types and flexible segmentation
Automatic gifts for big orders
Users automatically receive gifts when ordering more
The extension offers customers to buy more goods to receive a gift. Customers see the conditions, understand there's little left to receive a gift and buy more than they've planned.
When customers meet the promotion conditions, the extension adds gifts to their carts automatically. There's no need to check orders and update them manually in the admin panel.
Customers see banners showing they can receive a free gift
Customers add more products to the cart to meet the promotion condition. The extension adds gifts to the cart automatically
Users don't get bored with promotions
The extension offers 7 ready-made types of promotions. This way, you can set a new promotion every day for a week. Users will participate in promo campaigns and visit the store to check what's new.
You can also test different types of promotions with various products to see what combinations work better.
According to the Lemonstand statistics, up to 50% of consumers make a purchase only when an offer or promotion is involved. Lemonstad survey
Conditions fit customers
You can apply rules to the most important customer, cart, and purchase attributes. For example, limit rules by number of completed orders or by total sales amount. This way, your promotions will fit each customer.
Discount for the first order
A good way to motivate users make their first purchase
Discount on Independence Day
A good way to congratulate users from a specific country and make them buy more
Discount for loyal users
A good way to say thank you for loyalty and bring people to the store.
Discount for paying online
A good way to get the money right away without waiting for the delivery.
It is important as 71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal.
Labels automatically highlight products that need promoting
Labels bring users' attention to particular products. People notice goods, explore them, and buy. This way, stores promote products and increase sales.
This extension will automatically highlight new goods and goods on sales. All you need is to set the period when goods are considered to be new or on sale. As soon as such goods appear in the catalog, they will be labelled.
Banners automatically tell users that there's a promotion
There's no point in holding a promo campaign if users have no idea about it. For this purpose, the product has built-in banners.
Banner on the homepage shows there's a promotion as soon as users enter the store
The banners automatically turn on and off. All you need to do is to set the terms. This way, if the admin forgets to remove the banner, users won't be confused by the non-existent promotion.
Banners on category pages and in the cart make users not forget there's a promotion and motivate taking part in it
According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, banners can increase your sales up to 16%. ASI survey
Users get automatic recommendations
The solution analyzes what products people buy more often or explore with the chosen ones and what products a user has already bought. This way, it recommends people the products they want to buy.
For example, if a person chooses a dish for lunch, the extension will offer those that they have already ordered this month
It is useful to combine the products that are often bought together into bundles

When a person opens a product from the bundle, the extension will automatically recommend buying the whole bundle to save money.
Users are additionally motivated to buy with free shipping
The solution offers free shipping when buying goods for a certain cart total. According to statistics, 46% of customers will buy more to get free shipping.
On the banner, people see the conditions to receive free shipping
As soon as a customer adds something to the cart, the banner automatically recalculates the amount left until free shipping.
The less the amount is left, the more motivation users get to buy a bit more
It's enough time to install the extension, check if the store works properly with it and fix possible difficulties.
3 6 months of free support
60-day money back
The product is tested by Magento
If the extension doesn't work properly on your store and we can't fix it — drop a ticket to our support service within 60 days after the purchase. We will refund the money.
All our extensions are placed on the Magento marketplace. Magento developers automatically and manually check each our extension for plagiarism, meeting coding standards, compatibility and security.
We will install the pack for you, check if everything works smoothly and fix all possible issues. Use FREEINSTALL coupon code at the checkout.
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Buy Automatic Promotions for M2
Gifts for ordering more
Automatic promo banners
Automatic labels
Automatic recommendations
Gifts for ordering more
Automatic promo banners
Automatic labels
Automatic recommendations
Free shipping bar to motivate users to buy more
Gifts for ordering more
Automatic promo banners
Automatic labels
Automatic recommendations
Free shipping bar to motivate users to buy more
7 types of promotions
Flexible segmentation
60-day money back
180 days of free support
Free installation
60-day money back
180 days of free support
Free installation
60-day money back
180 days of free support
Free installation
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